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SITE: a web site where access is possible from an online (on-line) environment in which various services and content are provided, as determined by the money situation..

Member: any real and legal person who wants to benefit from the site as a member by accepting the conditions set by the money situation, by filling out the membership form completely and having their membership approved by the money situation, is accepted. They shall be referred to briefly as “members” in this convention. Individuals who have received 18 years of age can become a member by filling out the relevant membership form on the site with their real identity information.

User: paradurumu.com it is the person who visits the website.

LINK: a link that enables access to another website, files, content or from another website to the site, files and content through the SITE.

Content: any information, files, images, programs, figures, prices, etc. that is published or accessible on the site and/or any website. visual, literary and auditory images.

Personal information: member’s identity, address, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address, which parts of the site he visited, domain type, browser type, visit date, time, etc. it’s information.


This agreement assigns to the parties rights and obligations related to the site subject to the agreement and when the parties agree to this agreement, they declare that they will fulfill these rights and obligations in full, correct, timely manner and in accordance with the terms requested in this agreement.

The information published on this site is provided in accordance with the product and market conditions. After the application to the banks, the credit evaluation is subject to the banks ‘ own workflow and the result of the credit evaluation will be notified to the users/members by the methods deemed appropriate by the banks. Until the loan is made available, banks are free to make any changes to the loan conditions and/or to make or not make the loan available. If there is a difference between the user/member’s declared information and the information presented to the banks, the banks will be able to refrain from using the credit at any stage.

Money status has the right to remove, modify, or block any content at any time in its sole discretion without notice to the user who uploaded the content and without any reason.

Users / members side paradurumu.com content uploaded to should be accurate and up-to-date. By users/members paradurumu.com any content that is added, uploaded, created, or shared privately or publicly to all users/members is the sole responsibility of the users/members whether such content is accurate, up-to-date and in compliance with applicable legislation.

You may link to different websites and/or other content that are not under the control of money status and that are owned and/or operated by third parties through the SITE. These links are provided for ease of access to users/members and do not support any web site or the person who operates it. The linked web site does not constitute a statement or warranty of any kind for the information contained in it. The money situation is not responsible for any conflicts that arise in this context.

The user/member acknowledges that the files, information and documents available for download and / or sharing on the site may not be free from viruses, worms, dialer programs, spam, spyware or any other malicious or damaging code or material, and that the site does not warrant such matters. It is the sole responsibility of the user/member to meet, maintain and update all software and hardware requirements necessary for the Prevention of such malicious or damaging programs, codes or materials, accuracy of data entry and exit, or recovery of any lost data.

Users of the site may only take action on the SITE for lawful and personal purposes. The users / members have their own legal and criminal responsibility for every action and action taken within the SITE. The user/member agrees and undertakes not to engage in any activity that would constitute an infringement of the rights of the money situation and / or any other third party. Users/members have no direct and / or indirect responsibility for any damages suffered or may be suffered by third parties due to their activities on the SITE.


This site, information, articles, pictures, trademarks, slogans and other marks and other intellectual property rights for the protection of programs with limited information on the layout and presentation currency of the site are the property of the state. Any database, web site, software-codes, html code and other codes relating to the information or site pages on this site, etc. on site with content, products, designs, pictures, images, texts, audio, video, and images, video clips, files, catalogues and lists, partially or completely, the reproduction, modification, publication, or other media by using online shipping, distribution, sale is prohibited. The user / member agrees and undertakes that he / she will not reproduce, copy, distribute, process, or attempt any such action, including but not limited to the software, hardware and content listed above.

The user/member, paradurumu.com in relation to any content provided for publication in content relating to processing, reproduction, distribution, representation, sign, sound and/or image rights all intellectual property rights including transmission equipment paradurumu.com a place, time, and medium without being limited to irrevocably, with the passing of a full license gives you the right to be free of charge.

The user/Member have the right to broadcast whether in terms of content, the procedure in the law on intellectual and artistic works are required to provide attribution and comply with the terms of the content; otherwise, the user/MEMBER paradurumu.com’fame and money that may be incurred by the state and incurred direct and indirect, tangible and intangible, is obliged to pay all the damages

Due to this agreement paradurumu.com ‘ s user / member’s registered e.any notification made by using the postal address is valid and valid, e.mail paradurumu.com 1 (one) day after posting by the user/member will be deemed to have reached. The user / member declares, accepts and undertakes that he / she has read, understood, accepted all of the articles contained in this Accession Agreement and confirms the accuracy of the information he / she gives about himself / herself.


Money status can use,process, classify and maintain information on a database in accordance with the provisions of this agreement in order to mediate the introduction and/ or use of individual finance (bank,insurance), payments ( electricity,water,gas,top-up,tv) and telecommunications (landline, GSM, ADSL) products and services to users/members. Besides the money situation; The user/member’s identity, address, telephone number, electronic mail address, IP address, which parts of the site visited, date of Visit, time, etc., may use the information for purposes of statistical evaluation and providing services for persons. Personal information belonging to users/Members shall not be disclosed to natural and legal third parties, except at the request of the authorities authorized by law and in the cases mentioned in this agreement. Personal information may be provided to third parties or those involved in the business of money situation in order to better process the original use of the data or to better serve the users/ members ‘ use of the site.

To request that the persons whose personal data is processed under this agreement be notified to the third parties that the personal data has been processed, if the data has been processed, the information related to it, whether the data is used in accordance with the purpose of processing and their purpose, who are the third parties from which the data is transferred at home or abroad, ; by analyzing the processed data through automated systems exclusively for, one against one’s self, the result is contrary to the relevant legislation to object to the processing of the data and that are entitled to the remedy of damages in case of damage due to.

The user/member’s visit to the site and / or the members ‘ fill out the membership application form means that they consent to the use and processing of their personal data in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.

We do not give any guarantee and/or commitment to the sharing of personal data with any third party and/or any services offered to users/members regarding the availability of money; we do not give any guarantee and/or commitment to users/members regarding any services and / or products.


This Agreement shall be deemed accepted and enter into force after the user has started to use the site and after the member has completed the membership application form.