How to get KOSGEB Car Wash support

How to get KOSGEB Car Wash support

KOSGEB car wash support and carpet washing support are among the actively supported business lines with Nace code, and a total of 50.000 TL non-refundable credits are provided to these business lines. Of this 50,000 TL, 18,000 TL is provided for the installation of machinery and shops, 2,000 TL is provided for the first costs of the car wash shop and 30,000 TL is provided for operating expenses and invoices.In order to get kosgeboto washing support, it is sufficient to first attend the entrepreneur courses given by KOSGEB and then apply to the kosgeb centers with a business plan.

Kosgeb entrepreneur courses

Kosgeb entrepreneur training courses are held annually on university campuses in nearly every province. To find out when these courses are held in the province where the person resides and the number of applications until the month he can visit. These courses take a total of 5 days and cover a course period of 32 hours. During this time, entrepreneurs are taught how to manage their business, how to deal with financially difficult situations, how to fight their competitors and how to do Market Analysis.

The entrepreneur who completes the training period of these courses will be awarded an entrepreneurship certificate at the end of the course. This certificate will then work on the application made with the business plan. To get Car Wash support after receiving the certificate, the entrepreneur must prepare a business plan without wasting time.

How to prepare a business plan for KOSGEB projects

KOSGEB business plan is a document in which information such as where to set up a business place to be established, what its purpose will be, how to fight its competitors in the vicinity, and how to take measures in case of financial difficulties and disasters is requested. The purpose of this document is to ensure that the project can be evaluated before the oral presentation to the delegation at the KOSGEB centre.

To prepare the business plan, the entrepreneur has two options. The first is to prepare your own business plan and this can be done by examining pre-filled and approved car wash center business plans that can be downloaded over the internet. Examination of approved plans will give the person an idea of what Kosgeb approves and what it likes to include in the projects.

Another way is to leave it to the companies that are preparing their business plans. If this is followed, he will have a conversation with an expert person and ask them to explain the ideas he has in mind. After understanding what is in the head of the entrepreneur, he prepares his business plan within 1 Week and presents it to the customer.

What should be done after the Kosgeb business plan is prepared?

After the car wash center business plan is prepared, what should be done is to present the business plan to the kosgeb centers and then make a presentation in front of the kosgeb delegation. If the presentation is positive, a workplace is established by going to the auto industry zone or organized industrial zone specified in the business plan. The invoice for all expenses incurred until the work place begins to process and after the installation is finished, these invoices are submitted to Kosgeb and the grant is received.

What are the Kosgeb grant support rates?

KOSGEB grants are not given equal amounts for each entrepreneur. The grant support rate for women entrepreneurs, veterans and disabled entrepreneurs is 80%. This means that of the grants of up to 50,000 TL to other entrepreneurs, only 40,000 TL will be eligible. In addition, KOSGEB grants vary by region. For example, 80% support indicated 1. That applies to District 1. The region is in and around Istanbul. In other regions, women, veterans and disabled entrepreneurs are supported by 90%.

What is the KOSGEB Car Wash Center Nace code?

The car wash can be found under the Nace code G category. NACE codes are codes that separate business lines and act as ID codes. KOSGEB not only supports Car Wash in the area of auto industry, but also supports auto repair and spare parts shop. The car wash Nace code in the category G where the auto industry is located is below G-4.2.

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