How much Are Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Now?

How much Are Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Now

Nobelli economist Robert Shiller noted that in relation to Bitcoin, the links are not just Economic, they are psychological. Shiller said, ” Don’t put all the savings in your life into that. It’s a bit like a game to play with. That’s part of what’s gripping financial markets. It’s a pleasure,” he said.

Alphan Göğüş, Managing Director of the Turkish lira (TL) – based Bitcoin trading platform BTCTurk, issued the same warning. Göğüş, the investor’s entire budget is objectionable to invest in Bitcoin by expressing, ” the short way to become rich with the enthusiasm to sell his house, his car or the entire investment budget accumulation Bitcoin and similar high-risk vehicles to direct to anyone would not recommend.” quoth.

How are Bitcoin transactions done safely?
Here are Alphan Göğüş’s statements on bitcoin…

Security In Bitcoin Trading

“There are numerous points that claim to be trading the virtual currency Bitcoin. Too many clearing points have been opened. But these must be paid attention. Companies and their systems, safety procedures, should be thoroughly investigated before taking them. Malicious or vulnerable institutions can harm their users”

What Is The Value Of Bitcoin Determined By?

“One of the 2 key elements affecting the value of bitcoin is the adoption of this virtual currency by society and the state and the legal regulations on Bitcoin, and the other is the ‘technological position of money’. ”

Is there Legal Regulation about Bitcoin?

He said: “Bitcoin needs to be a capital market tool for the Capital Markets Board to regulate, but it is not such a tool. Bitcoin is not a money market tool either. Even the BRSA said, ‘ Bitcoin, the framework of the e-money law cannot be evaluated. Because this is electronic currency. There is a difference between electronic money and electronic money. Therefore, it does not belong to the brsa. There’s no legal regulation on this and I don’t know who’s going to look at it.”

How much Are Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Now?









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