Generation Z Relies On Cryptocurrency

Generation Z Relies On Cryptocurrency

According to the study, 82 percent of U.S. citizens say they are willing to use cryptocurrencies in ‘customer loyalty programs’ such as banks, restaurants, etc.

New research by international consultancy, audit and tax firm KPMG in the US showed that confidence in cryptocurrencies, particularly young people, which have performed poorly over the past two years, has not been lost.

83 per cent of young people aged 18 to 24 who took part in the study said they were closely interested in the future of cryptocurrencies, while more than half of respondents aged 65 and older said they were interested in cryptocurrencies.

In key loyalty programs

63 per cent of US respondents thought cryptocurrencies were an easy payment method, while 66 per cent stressed that they would rather use cryptocurrencies in their customers ‘loyalty programs than in a casual exchange. 82 per cent of respondents expressed a willingness to use cryptocurrencies in the ‘loyalty programs’ they were already involved in.

When asked Which sectors used ‘loyalty programs’, respondents ‘ answers were as follows::

Bank and credit card firms (87 per cent ))
Restaurants and coffee shops (86 per cent)
Electronics stores (81 per cent)
Media and telecoms firms (79 per cent ))

Big brand not necessarily

While 60 percent of respondents said they would not just prefer big brands to use cryptocurrencies, they also took a warm look at small businesses, 64 percent said they could use those coins in e-commerce.

Easy-to-use terms

79 percent of respondents said they could opt for cryptocurrencies if they found it easy to use. KPMG Turkey Financial Services Sector Leader Kerem Vardar, cryptocurrencies to the spread of easy and attractive experience to the consumer need to provide, in this ‘loyalty programs’ offers a good opportunity, he said.

“Many investors think the future of trading is in cryptocurrencies,” Vardar said. They will be an alternative to traditional trading methods in the near future. Through loyalty programs, the use of cryptocurrencies can become easier to disseminate,” he said.

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