Debt Closure Loan

Debt Closure Loan

Which banks are issuing debt closure loans? What are the requirements for obtaining a debt transfer loan? What do I have to do if I want to collect my debts in one place? We will give you answers to the questions that remain in your mind about this issue.

If you have difficulty paying off your credit and credit cards you use from banks, you can apply for debt relief loans from banks. Every bank has its own campaign. If you want to apply for a loan from the banks we will give you, your credit rating should be good and your credit record should be clean. If you have been executed because of the banks, you cannot take these loans.

There are many private banks in our country, including public banks that lend debt. In order to obtain a loan from these banks, you must commit to closing all your credit and credit cards. Now we will give you information about which banks can make it easier to apply for loans.

Ziraat Bank

Ziraat Bank, which serves as a public bank in our country, has been doing good campaigns both under the government and within its own bank. You can take advantage of these campaigns to get both a consolidation loan and a debt relief loan. These loans you receive up to 60 months of maturity yaptırabilirsiniz. Ziraat Bank is one of the most suitable lending banks in our country. From this bank you can cover all your card and credit debts up to £ 100,000. You need to apply for credit with documents from the bank branch. The documents are as follows.

Birth Certificate
Document showing your income
Certificate of residence
The amount and card numbers of the credit cards you owe
Closing balance and IBAN number of your loan debts
Bank loan application form
If you are going to get debt relief credit through Şekerbank, you can make this transaction up to 100.000 TL. Up to 100.000 TL, 60 months term debt transfer loan, all your bank debts and credit card debts can be closed instantly. Once you’ve made your application, you need to cover all your bank debts. In part the bank will not accept a debt shutdown. You can go to the nearest Şekerbank branch for applications.


Another bank issuing debt closure loans is Denizbank. Especially retired customers from Denizbank are in demand for debt relief loans. If you want to move all your bank credit and credit card debts to one place, you can apply for a loan with appropriate interest on Denizbank. Do not apply for credit via SMS or internet. Applications from bank branches will be valid for debt closure loans.


Akbank closes only your credit card debts in debt settlement credit. Akbank provides 12-month installments to customers who have their own credit card debt and those who have difficulty paying. You can apply for a mortgage loan if you want to collect credit and credit card debts from this bank in the same place. You can apply for a loan of up to £ 250,000.


TEB is a bank that provides debt relief loans up to TL 20,000 to people with credit cards and credit debts. You can get TEB debt relief credit by closing all your bank credit and credit card debts from this bank. If you want to apply through TEB, you can go to the nearest bank branch.

Above, we gave you information about the banks offering debt relief loans. You can read our article on the banks that give loans to the uninsured who are interested in the previous summer and those who do not have a bad Income Certificate.

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