2020 Government Support For Mushroom Farming

Government Support For Mushroom Farming

Within the scope of the support given in mushroom cultivation, various sizes of support are provided, from small capital to fabricated enterprises. Government support is planned in accordance with the needs of the manufacturer as well as being given by KOSGEB. For mushroom growers who want to start with a small capital supports starting from 5,000 TL can range up to 50,000 TL.

Supports Mushroom Cultivation

While support on mushroom cultivation is given to entrepreneurs who will enter the mushroom growing business due to the acquisition of products in a short time, it is planned according to many variables ranging from the type of fungus that is desired to be grown to the form of cultivation. However, the issue requires a decision after investigation. The supports aim to assist the manufacturers not only in the production of the product, but also in the packaging and distribution of the product.

In order to get a boost on mushroom farming, entrepreneurs are primarily trained in a wide range of fields, from farming to finding a packaging and sales market. In the scope of the training provided, all information about mushroom cultivation is obtained. After 60 hours of training, entrepreneurs who are entitled to benefit from government support with the certificate, prepare their projects in order to inform the authorities about the necessary equipment for the training and sales process. This project, which you will prepare in the light of the training you received on mushroom cultivation, should be detailed and researched. Once your project has been approved, you can start your work in an actual sense.

What Kind Of Fungus Can I Get Support For?

The types of fungi supported by the government are cultured fungus, truffle fungus and oyster fungus. The most important factor regarding government support is whether the plan is suitable for the type of fungus that is intended to be grown, based on the environment in which the fungus will be grown. In addition, the support given to the cultivation of cultured mushrooms, which are widely made, has been replaced by oyster mushrooms in recent years. The recent intense interest in oyster mushrooms has also affected government support, and support for oyster mushrooms has increased in connection with the breadth of the Sunday area. In addition, you are asked to mention every detail you make in your project, from changes in the area depending on the type of fungus, to purchases of related equipment. In this way, you get the chance to increase the support you will get and become more successful in the market.

Conditions For Receiving Mushroom Farming Supports

The conditions of support for mushroom cultivation can be listed as follows:

The person must be over 18 years of age.
He must not have applied for bank or government support with the same project before.
The person’s project must have been accepted by KOSGEB.
The person must graduate from KOSGEB training with a certificate of achievement.
The person must opt for a minimum of 100 square meters for mushroom cultivation.
The characteristics of the type of fungus to be grown and the person’s knowledge of this fungus should be sufficient to benefit from KOSGEB supports.
The state does not allow the basement in support of mushroom cultivation. You must have a greenhouse.

What Are The Supports Given For Mushroom Cultivation?

The limits of state support in mushroom cultivation are as follows for 100 square meters of start-up space:

Compost between 15 and 20 tons a year,
3-storey bunk system,
Ventilation and ventilator in the system,
Back pump
Irrigation system and media moisture adjustment devices
Limit Of Mushroom Farming Supports

The amount of support for mushroom cultivation is determined as a result of invoicing the expenditures made. But the upper limit of support is about £ 30,000. All expenses must be documented, from the collection of invoices for expenditures made to the documents on rent and lease contracts. In addition to this, all activities must be reported from the companies where the tool purchases are made, from which type of fungus is grown to which conditions it is grown. The state provides support for mushroom farming with the promise that the activity will last at least 3 years.

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